Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy

For those of you that haven’t read the latest book, this post will have a lot of spoilers.

bridget-jones-mad-about-the-boyI first read the Bridget Jones Diary about four months ago. And I loved it. I loved the style of writing, the characters. It was a great book. So when I got Edge of Reason and Mad About The Boy for Christmas I couldn’t wait to start reading them. Again, I loved Edge of Reason, I loved the way things didn’t work out, but Bridget and Darcy were still drawn together. So when I read Mad About The Boy, I was expecting the same reaction. Unfortunately, I didn’t love it. At all. It disappointed me.

I’d heard rumours about what happened in the book, but I couldn’t believe when Helen Fielding had actually killed Mark Darcy off. For me, he was central to the previous two books, so how would this book work without him? I don’t understand why she couldn’t have taken the book in a different direction. I didn’t want to see Bridget with anyone else.For me, her and Darcy were the perfect couple and to end that, is just bizarre. It would have been like J.K.Rowling Killing off Ron and expecting Harry and Hermione to carry on without him (obviously I’m aware that Ron does leave in Deathly Hallows, but he comes back so it doesn’t count).

Moving on from that, the other issue I had was with Bridget’s Twitter account. I’ve been on Twitter for four years, I’ve had two accounts in that time, so I like to think I understand how Twitter works. Isn’t it just a tad unrealistic that Bridget would gain several hundred followers? Even when she starts tweeting and talking to a select few people, I still don’t see how she could have that many followers. Even if they were all spam bots. Clearly I’m doing something wrong seeing as I’ve had my current account for five months and I’ve barely hit two hundred followers yet.

I did like the fact that even though Jude married vile Richard. It did turn out in the end that was he indeed vile and she deserved better. That was a nice bit of continuity there. I liked the fact that we still saw Daniel. Even though that also annoyed me, because if we can have Daniel, why can’t we have Mark as well?

The other thing I didn’t understand was the children. To be honest, I never saw Mark and Bridget as parents, but that’s just me. But what I don’t understand is why did they wait so long to have children? Why didn’t they have them in their late thirties, early forties? Obviously in this book Bridget is in her fifties, which again I didn’t really understand. Anyway, it is never explained why they waited so long to have children. I feel if they had been some sort of back story to this, it would have made more sense and, potentially make Mark’s death even more tragic.

Lastly, I didn’t like the fact that she moved on. I know it’s not healthy to hold onto the past, but I just feel that for Bridget they couldn’t be anyone else. She spent so long looking for the perfect man and found it in Darcy, surely no one could replace that?



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