It is not a good week for animals that are captivity right now. Not that any week is good, just this week is particularly bad.

First of all Blackfish has aired again in America. Good. It may have been snubbed by the Oscars, but many have said it was the most and influential documentary they had seen all year. And yet Sea World have not made any changes, Tilikum is still in captivity and people are, surprisingly, still visiting the place.

I’m not really sure what it will take for people to open their eyes and realise what that lifestyles does to an animal. Can you honestly believe that those Orcas are happy? Are well cared for? Don’t miss their families? I like to compare it to the idea of a child being taken away from his/her family and being told you will never see them again. Now go make money for me. If that happened I would be arrested for kidnapping, exploitation and so on. How is that different to taking young Orcas away from their pods and expecting them to perform for us? It’s not.

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The next piece of wildlife news is Marius the Giraffe. He was destroyed by Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark because his genes were too similar to the other giraffes and they didn’t want to risk more inter breeding. Despite numerous offers from other zoos to take the giraffe and save him, the zoo chose to destroy it. They then let children watch as they decapitated the giraffe and fed it to the lions. Now obviously letting children watch is barbaric and insensitive, but that blame should also go to the parents as well.

I’m glad I’m not Copenhagen Zoo right now. The backlash they will be facing after this event will be immense. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost visitors. Obviously other zoos that had offered to buy Marius will be disgusted with them. Other countries are disgusted with them. And so they should be.



Thirdly Longleat Safari Park in UK has been in the news for destroying lions. Apparently this was due to a rise in pregnancies which was leading to excessive violent behaviour. Longleat has two lion prides, it is one of the UK’s biggest and well known safari parks. It has destroyed six lions. This came out due to concerns from a former employee. What we can gather is that a lion called Henry was put down after suffering an attack. Despite the fact that he had a vasectomy and could have been sold to another zoo.

They have received a huge backlash over this and so they should. Surely it is their responsibility to maintain the number of animals they have? To make sure their isn’t too many pregnancies? If need be they could have arranged with other zoos to take some lions from them. Surely that could have been arranged?


What this tells me is that animals are basically being bred for the sake of it. And when they no longer fulfil a purpose, they are destroyed.  It’s pretty disgusting behaviour, if this was people we were talking about, we’d be charged with murder. It’s about time we realise how beautiful these animals are and how much happier they are in their natural habitats. They are not pets for a reason, so maybe we should stop treating them like they are.



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