Say Anything…

I watched Say Anything for the first time the other night. And I actually really enjoyed it!

For those of you don’t know anything about the film, here’s a quick summary.

The film is about teenager who have just graduated High school and are about to start the rest of their lives. Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) dreams of being a kickboxer and is madly infatuated with the smartest girl in school. Diane Court (Ione Skye) has won a fellowship to study in England. Despite her intelligence she was very socially inexperienced and was intrigued by Lloyd’s mannerisms and decided to take a chance on him.

Through the summer the relationship develops and it’s clear Diane is falling for Lloyd. Unfortunately though, Diane has other concerns. Her father (John Mahoney – Martin/Frasier’s dad in Frasier) is under investigation by the IRS and it turns out that he has been committing  many tax violations. Add in the fact that Diane feels guilty for not spending enough time with her father and the fact that he does not approve of Lloyd and, it sounds like every typical teenage experience.

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Lloyd ultimately wins Diane’s heart before the summer’s end, and supports her emotionally after her father’s conviction and incarceration. The film ends with Lloyd escorting the aviophobic Diane on her flight to England.

The reason I liked this film was because it was so honest. There was no games, no lying or leaving someone waiting…to an extent. It was refreshing to see a male character actually act like a man, rather than a typical guy. A line that is used in the film, ‘Don’t be a guy. Be a man.’

Personally I think boys now focus from a young age about ‘being one of the boys.’ They want to have a laugh and look like they don’t care, when they do. Growing up with that, it’s not nice. It’s confusing, you never know where you stand and, eventually you stop being interested.

The other thing I liked about this film was when the two main characters slept together for the first time. Firstly, it was nice that it wasn’t made out to be a big deal in the film. There was no massive lead up to it and then several sex scenes. It happened and then the story continued.

Secondly, after it happened, Lloyd was the one worrying. It was nice to see it from that point of view. He then wrote her a letter. Now I don’t know about other girls, but if I had just had my first sexual experience and that person wrote me a letter, pretty certain I’d be putty in their hands.

It was a surprisingly good film and fills you with hope that one day all guys will be real men like Lloyd.


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