Saturday 2nd March

Yesterday was a busy day for me. First I went to the National Wedding Show with my Mum and two of my bridesmaids. Secondly, I went to Sheffield to see Russell Howard on his Wonderbox tour.

Let’s start with the wedding fair. Like last year, we all went to the show in Birmingham. Unfortunately I don’t think it was as good as last year and they didn’t seem to be as many stalls, but still it was good. I’m always worried that because we haven’t set a date, companies aren’t interested in talking, because there’s no money to be made. Fortunately most of the people there were very understanding of that.

The good thing about the National Wedding Show is that you can recreate what they do, at home. We got a lot of ideas and a lot of free stuff – which is always good! But as most people know, weddings are not cheap, so there is no shame in looking to cut corners.


What I would recommend though, is trying on dresses. Last year, I tried on an assortment of dresses, just to get a feel for them and to get an idea of what would look good. This year, I’m pretty much set on the style of my dress. That made it easier for trying things on – we all knew what we looking for.

Amazingly enough, we found this cute little stall that did the style of dresses that I like. Unfortunately all the dresses they show are about size 6-10. This is because of the models for the catwalk show are obviously that size. Bit frustrating but ah well. The dresses were gorgeous and funnily enough, their company is based in Derbyshire.  It’s about half an hour from me. So I think we’ll be definitely going back there!

Overall, It was pretty good. The lack of bridesmaid dresses was pretty disappointing. But we’ll just have to go elsewhere for them.

Saturday night:

Now to Sheffield. My Fiancé (that still sounds weird), his sister and I went to see Russell Howard on his tour. Dale and me had seen him before on his ‘Right Here, Right Now’ tour. As usual, he was as good as ever. A few of my favourites from the night would be:

“Nearly forgot my dildo!” – You had to be there.

“What’s the best thing to do in Sheffield?” Response; “Go to Poundland.” “Come round for a biscuit.” “Dee Dar.” “Avoid the women, their crazy.”

Q&A Random guy: “Will you lick my nipple?!” Only in Sheffield would somebody ask Russell Howard to lick their nipple. And he did it!

It was a very amusing night. The highlight though was when a woman got up on stage and proposed to her boyfriend. It was beautiful. And I have now since demanded a new proposal from my Fiancé!

Now I’m still pretty tired from yesterday, so I’m going to watch CSI and gorge on all the things I’m giving up for lent.




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