Left Handedness.

Just a quick note really. I just saw this post on the BBC website; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-26612938#TWEET1074466

All I can say is; ABOUT BLOODY TIME!! In case you can’t tell, I’m left handed, as is my Mum and her mother – But when my Nana was growing up she would get the ruler to her hand and, told to use the right hand. Just talking to my Mum, we have dozens of horror stories about being left handed. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Why is it so difficult to accommodate a few people? But it is.


My Mum uses her right for nearly everything. We both struggle to use normal scissors for pretty much anything. But when we were at school – thirty years apart from each other – we were both told to make do and use your right hand.

When I was in Year Two, about six, maybe seven, years old, my teacher ripped up a colouring I did because it was messy. Rather than help me with being left handed or try and find another way of approaching the matter, she just ripped up and told me I wasn’t good enough. I was nearly in tears and I felt so awful, I didn’t tell my parents. I genuinely thought I had done wrong and it was my fault.

I know now it wasn’t. But I held that memory with me for the rest of my school days. I was too afraid to do anything in case it was wrong. I didn’t want any extra attention – I didn’t want to feel like that again.


Now if I felt like that and didn’t tell my parents, how many more children are doing the same? How many children are made to feel different and awkward just because they use their left hand and not their right hand? It does make a difference to a child’s learning and can end up leaving children behind.

The thing that really annoys me though, is the fact that it has taken this long to be addressed. I am a third generation left handed person and I still didn’t get the care I needed. In years to come, will my future children finally be treated as equal? I hope so.

It sounds so daft saying treat them equally, but it’s true. What hand you write with is probably one of the few discriminatory factors that has not been addressed. Majority of adults don’t think of it as anything, but school children do. They shouldn’t but they do because see certain children struggling and want to know why. They then find out it’s because they use a different hand to write with and for the next ten years you have children asking other children what hand they write with – like it makes a difference!



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