Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

First of all, congratulations on the birth of Buzz!!

Having been a fan of McFly for years, it goes without saying that you like their partners too. So when I heard Giovanna Fletcher had written a book I knew I would read it at some point. What I didn’t know was that I would genuinely love it. It takes a great writer to get me to enjoy chick literature, which to me, was essentially what the book is.

Here’s a brief overview. Sophie suffered a great loss when she was younger and she and her mother struggled to recover. She takes a job at a local coffee shop (it’s so much more than that though) and the owner, Molly, helps to bring her out of her shell. This is where she meets Billy. Long story short, they fall in love, hit a through bumps along the way, but true love always finds a way.

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Now normally this type of book wouldn’t do much for me. I’ve read similar ones in the past and I’ve always been able to guess the ending. For example, my friend told me I had to read One Day by David Nicholls and that I would cry my eyes out. Well I didn’t. I knew halfway through what to expect.

Furthermore, I don’t normally read first person narratives. I tend to stick to the third person style. I think it’s because that way it’s easier to sort of separate yourself from the character and it stops you from really empathising with them. But in this case, I really enjoyed the fact that it was first person and, I think it wouldn’t have worked any other way.

I thought I knew that with Billy and Me. I was wrong. I don’t want to spoil it but it has been out nearly a year so you should have read it by now! Now for Sophie and Billy, the end was always going to be those two. What surprised me was Molly. What she goes through made me ball my eyes out. I could relate to it so well. I’ve been in Sophie’s position and, I have to say, for me, this is the first time an author has captured that emotion. Giovanna knew how to explain those feelings whilst keeping it simple.

For me this book started out as just another read. In the end though, it became so much more. It’s made me want to go and seek out more books like this. Normally I stick to history books or male authors. From now on, I’m probably going to favour the women. Well for a while at least anyway.

So thank you Giovanna for getting me into chick literature again and I CAN NOT wait to read your next novel in May.



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