How I Met Your Mother Finale.

This week the finale of How I Met Your Mother aired. Like millions of fans across the world, I didn’t know what to expect. Season 9 seemed to be taking us all down this specific route so the finale was a shock. Now I know the creators and writers have been criticised for the way the show has ending. Personally, I think it was perfect.


Now for those that have not yet seen the finale, this post will have spoilers so you might want to avoid it.

Let’s start with Marshall and Lily. The couple that basically kept the group together. Obviously their relationship just carries on going from strength to strength.  I was left with a few questions though. Now we know they moved to Italy for a year, came back and Marshall went back into corporate law before being offered a judgeship again. We also know that Lily gets pregnant, again. That’s three children now. Although we never learn the name of the third child – something that annoys me more than it probably should. Now that’s great for Marshall but what about Lily? Is she now a full time mum? Is she still working as an art consultant? We don’t know. Overall, I think they handled their part of the finale was perfect. They were not the centre of the finale, but at the same time they were given the right amount of air time to wrap up their story.


Next we have Barney and Robin. We saw them get married in the penultimate episode and Barney promised to never lie to Robin again. Now for me, this was the biggest shock. I always assumed that if Barney did settle down it would be for good. I was wrong. Three years after they got married, they got divorced. I didn’t expect this. In all honesty, I thought they would be good together – Barney needed a strong woman and, Robin was definitely a match for him. However, what redeems this is when Barney says, “If I couldn’t make it work with Robin, I couldn’t make it work with anyone.” I agree with that. Robin was the woman for Barney but it didn’t work, for reasons that were nobody’s fault.


Yet again though, Barney redeems himself. After sleeping with thirty one girls in thirty one days, he ends up getting a girl pregnant. This scene nearly made me cry. Barney goes to see his new born baby girl, the nurse hands the baby over and he says, “You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours.” It was nice to see Barney as a real person. After slipping back into his old habits, it was good to see that he had a genuine side too. Obviously it would have been perfect if he and Robin had worked out, but then again, maybe that could have been too perfect.


Now for Robin. We know that her career as a news reporter had gone from strength to strength, with her travelling all over the world, having billboard sings with her face on, and so on. This was one of the reasons for her divorce from Barney. Apart from that we don’t really hear much about her. We know she doesn’t see the group very often anymore, but that she does go to Ted’s wedding and had met his children when they were young.


Now we know the weekend of her wedding, she thought she should be marrying Ted instead. A secret she later shared with Lily. She was right. To me it shows how people change. When they first got together, they were both young and stubborn. Fast forward a few years and people soften and, they view things differently. A situation that we can all relate to.

The mother. Whose name we now know is Tracey.  I loved the way they finally met. What I also loved is I was seconds away from tears watching that scene, but then the next scene was just so uplifting that it made me laugh.  I wasn’t surprised that she died. I do wish that she had lived and she was the true love of Ted’s life, but I do agree that it is possible to have more than one true love. I think I can understand the motive behind this move. Now I may not agree with it, but it was beautifully done.

download (6)

And finally, Ted. He waited seven years before finally marrying the mother of his children. That for me was very poignant. We were always hearing about how Ted just wanted to get married, so the fact that they waited so long, it shows how Ted had changed and how once he had found his true love, there was no rush. He had the perfect family and, as we all know, life gets in the way sometimes and things don’t go the way they should.

download (5)

It was heart breaking to think that after everything Ted had gone through to find her, and she was just taken away. But I also think it was important to do that. It shows that we shouldn’t take things for granted because we never know when that might be taken away from us.

As for Ted and Robin? I’m good with it. We always knew that no matter what, Ted would always love Robin. That would never change. We can see it through the last eight seasons. He goes out of his way for her, remembers little things and understood her.


Admittedly, things seems to happen quite fast in the finale, so maybe if season 9 had focused on more than just the wedding weekend, this would have been handled better. But for me, it brought it back to the beginning. When Ted turns up at Robin’s and she’s got her dogs again and, he has the blue French horn. It brings it home.

We all thought it could never be Robin because we found out that she couldn’t have children. Yet, if you think about it, that was the major roadblock in their relationship. But now Ted has his own children who love Robin, so there is nothing to stop them.


So there we have it, the finale. I do agree that it would have been nice the events of that episode had been spread out over the season a bit more. But for the most part, I’m happy with it. I’ve read that there is an alternate ending and that will be on the DVD this autumn. It will be interesting to see what happens there. People may not like it, but for me it was always going to be Ted and Robin.





2 thoughts on “How I Met Your Mother Finale.

  1. Oh my, our opinions are very, very, very different regarding this, haha, your points are well made, as much as I inherently disagree with some of them – thanks for reading!

  2. sammy143 says:

    Hey, thanks for checking out my blog! I agree with a lot of your arguments in this post and I’m curious about the alternative ending as well. I wonder if we get to see more of Ted and Tracy’s life together, and what Ted goes through after she died. Perhaps the producers decided that Ted didn’t end up with Robin in the end. We won’t know for sure until fall. But I still think the original ending was perfect.

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