Game of Thrones Season Four Episode One.

For those people that have been living under a rock for the past year, Season four of Game of Thrones has finally started airing!

Now I don’t want to do an episode recap, or talk about spoilers – that’s not fair for the people that haven’t seen it yet. I will say this though, so let’s go.

After all the hype and the waiting, the first episode was quite calm in my opinion and, it didn’t jump straight back in like I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, it has carried on from where season three ended, but it seems to be the calm before the storm.

There were also a few references to the past three seasons, we have a few clips to remind us what has happened, and we see old items creeping in.

What I like though is the fact that because I’ve read the books, I’m picking up little things, which a lot of viewers aren’t noticing just yet. I can think of at least two examples of this – but don’t worry I won’t spoil it!

The day after the premiere we also learnt that Game of Thrones had been picked up for seasons five and six. Exciting news, yes? I also find that quite scary. We all know there is and conflict between George Martin writing the books and the show catching up to the books. Now it worries me that another two seasons have been confirmed, yet there is little news about the next book.


I know there is talk of doing seven seasons and a movie. Or taking a year off but it does make it more real, that sooner rather than later, this is going to be a serious issue.

Here’s hoping Winds of Winter comes out soon!! And George Martin doesn’t extend the series even more!

For those that haven’t watched the new episode, stop making excuses and go watch it!


2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season Four Episode One.

  1. the best part of Two Swords was Arya and the Hound in the tavern. Seeing Arya become a bad a$$ is my dream come true. I am already sad this season only has 9 episodes left and then another year of wait.

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