Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2

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So have we all watched the latest episode? I sincerely hope so because there is no way I am keeping quiet this week!

Finally, and I mean finally, Joffrey is no longer. How many people cheered at this? Just me, well can you blame me??

I knew this was coming because I’ve read the books, but I was looking forward to how the show would handle it. I was little surprised if I’m honest. They did miss a few things/change a few things from the books, though I don’t feel like it was lacking because of these changes.


If I’m honest, I felt the episode was still quite calm, following on from last weeks. I liked the fact that the truth about Bran and Rickon has finally come out. Although now I am worried about the implications of that for the two Stark boys.

Obviously I have read the books, but as we’ve already established, TV shows don’t always like to keep to the original story.

I also think that they could have done a bit more on the Sansa story. We see the fool telling her to leave with him, but in the book there is more of a build up to that. It does also make me sad that she never gives Tyrion a chance. That’s also the same in the book.

I just think that if she gave him a chance, she might see that he is trying to be decent to her. But hey ho.

Hopefully next week we’ll be seeing more of the rest of the cast who were absent from this episode.

And obviously, we’ll be dealing with the consequences of the Purple Wedding.


One thought on “Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2

  1. it was so great to see Joffrey kick the bucket, and in such painful style! but I fear for the young Stark Boys so much now! im still reading the books, not to 4 yet. As usual we get sweet satisfaction for the death of the King and yet we will pay for it dearly for sure!

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