Game of Thrones: Season 4 Episode 3

Has everyone seen the latest Game of Thrones episode? Obviously this week it dealt with the aftermath of Joffrey’s death.

How many actually think it was Tyrion? Now I’ve read the book so I know who it was, but I’m curious to other peoples reactions. I think it’s obvious Tyrion is the scapegoat. But that leaves the question of who really did it.

Sansa has fled (making herself look guilty) with the help of Littlefinger. I don’t trust him. He’s up to something and it’s not going to end well. You can just tell.


Margery Tyrell – also known as the unluckiest bride ever – has now been left wondering what her status is now. Obviously the Lannisters need the Tyrells more than the Tyrells need them. But what is next for her? Or who’s the unlucky fella who will have to marry her next?

Poor Tommen. His brother has died and he is now King, as Lord Tywin told him. Tywin really doesn’t do timing though. Surely there is a better time and place to mould someone into a King then when you’re saying goodbye to the previous King. I do worry for Tommen though, he will be a lot easier to manipulate than Joffrey.

Stanis is angry. No change there then. And the Onion Knight has a plan. Intriguing, is it not?

Jon Snow. Oh Jon Snow. The Wall isn’t prepared for Mance and the Wildings. Time is dwindling and options are running out. Will they be able to survive?

Dany. We haven’t seen her for a while. She’s now in Meereen, another slave city. For someone who wants the Iron Throne, she really is taking her time getting there, isn’t she?

This should leave us wondering what will be happening next week. Will the wildings attack? Will the real murderer of Joffrey be discovered? Will Jaime even visit his brother? Only six days to go!


4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Season 4 Episode 3

  1. I have not read the books so it’s all a mystery to me. I think lord tywin murdered Joffrey. That boy was way out of control and the head of the lannisters seems like a man who needs to have control. Dany is taking too long she needs to get her butt in gear and sort out the seven kingdoms!!!

    • That would be interesting! I definitely think Lord Tywin has control issues. He’s failed to keep his own children in line and, Joffrey was already out of control. So maybe Tommen is his second chance?

      Yeah I know! Even in the books, Dany is slow! I just want her to fly over the seven kingdoms with her dragons already!!

  2. Well, what is even more obvious in the book (at least the first one which I have read) is that Dany remembers little of the Seven Kingdoms. She is more connected to her home-in-exile than a place she knows through the stories of her brother. When she gained her freedom, she decided that she wanted others to be free. She viewed herself not as a conqueror, but as a liberator and decided to rule only when she realised that the freed slaves didn’t really know how to rule themselves.

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