Game of Thrones: Season Four Episode Four

Well wasn’t this week’s episode interesting? This post is a bit late I know, but better late than never!

Dany and her unsullied freed yet more slaves from their masters. And Dany insisted on justice for the injustice acts of those masters. Though I do see where Ser Barristan Selmy was coming from. As it says in the Bible, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

Jon has gathered men to go with to Craster’s Keep and finally sort those deserters out. I can’t wait for this. Especially now we know Bran is there. The question is though; will Bran still be there by the time Jon arrives? Plus I really want Jon and Ghost to be reunited.

Bronn has finally convinced Jaime to go see his brother. I liked how Bronn used the story of how he first met Tyrion to do this. It was a good flashback for the viewers and reminded Jaime of just how important he is to Tyrion.

Speaking of, Tyrion’s trial is looming. What do we think will happen? Now Jaime has finally caved in and seen his brother, maybe he’ll come to the rescue.

images (8)

After all, Jaime seems to be pulling away from Cersei. It seems he’s tired of her poisonous games.

Brienne has been sent to find and keep Sansa safe. Good luck with that. Somehow I don’t think Littlefinger is going to let Sansa be found.

Margery Tyrell has set her sights on Tommen. Poor kid. He’s been King for about a week and people are already trying to use him.  Admittedly, I do think the Tyrells would be better for him than his own mother, but still.


Only a few hours to go until the next episode. I wonder what we’ll see this week!


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