Game of Thrones Season Four Episode Five

So Tommen is officially made King. I did find it touching to see Cersei and Margery admit that Tommen could be a good King. And he could, let’s face it. I mean if the people around don’t manipulate him so much and let him grow, he could stabilise Westeros. But we all know that won’t happen!

I’m impressed that Cersei admitted what a bastard Joffrey was as well. She knew better than most that he was a monster, yet she’s still pretty pissed he’s dead.

Having said that, She seems pretty happy for Margery to marry Tommen two weeks after Joffrey’s death. Don’t they have mourning periods in King’s Landing?! And, the fateful question, will Cersei marry Loras?

Tywin has come clean about the debt of the crown. Clearly nobody knows just how badly in debt the crown is. A worrying issue for the Lannisters because if they don’t pay then the Iron Bank will finance the opposition – the last thing Tywin needs.

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Unfortunately for Dany, she’s not having a great time. I do feel we’re not seeing much of her this season. Obviously an issue with timing and the fact that even in the books she’s not in Westeros yet. Dany has freed slave cities just for them to be retaken. It doesn’t look good now, does it? At least she’s got a few more ships, but she’s not ready to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Jorah seems to be in the good books at the moment, but how long will that last for?

Now, Lysa. I really really dislike her. I mean I just can’t stand to look at her or anything. The truth has finally come out about Jon Arryn’s death. Poor guy. She really is besotted with Littlefinger. The things she does for him are crazy! And she’s so easily made jealous. Her treatment of Sansa worries me – It’s clear it’s going to continue and potentially get worse.  This episode makes Littlefinger’s role much more clear I think. We’re starting to see that he is behind a lot of things.

The Night’s Watch have arrived at Craster’s Keep and put right the wrongs of the deserters. In other words, they killed them. I didn’t see the newest recruit trying to kidnap Bran coming though! And poor Hodor, he looked so frightened by what Bran had him do – is that even right? Well you know what I mean.

Even though I understand that it couldn’t happen, I do wish Bran and Jon could have been reunited. Could you imagine the excitement? At least Jon got Ghost back – that did put a smile on my face.

We don’t seem to have a war right now though, you know? Obviously Robb was defeated, same for Renly and, Stannis is laying low at the moment. Seems all a bit too quiet for my liking.


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