Game of Thrones: Season Four Episode Six

Every time I see Theon I want to feel sorry for him, but then I remember what he did and part of me feels that he deserves what he’s getting. Anyone else feel like this? It’s a tricky one really. Though if Ramsay carries on much more, I’d definitely say Theon has been punished enough!


Can you believe how big the dragons are getting?? The show is definitely trying to speed up that storyline. And the truth is almost out about Jorah. I like to think him and Varys were working together though and Varys is double crossing the Lannisters. Definitely feel that he favours Dany.

Stannis and Davos are playing an interesting game with the Iron Bank. Who says smugglers have no brains, eh? Definitely feel like there will be repercussions from that. But will that be Stannis or Cersei?

I suppose the biggest news really is Tyrion and his trial. The deal done between Jaime and Tywin definitely reminds me of Law and Order! And it just makes me like Jaime even more! I can’t believe how much his character is changing and he is becoming a better person.

It has always been clear though that Jaime is close to his brother and the only family member that does not hate him. So much so that he would give up the Kingsguard to save his life.


Shae comes back – what a surprise! And screws Tyrion over.  I do feel sorry for him now. He was only ever trying to help her and she lies and betrays him.

Now for the trial by combat.  Who do we think will fight for Tyrion?


One thought on “Game of Thrones: Season Four Episode Six

  1. Have you read the books? Shae is less sympathetic in the books, but I put that down to the performance onscreen but it was Dinklage’s reactions that made the entire scene. I enjoyed your review of it and thank you for the likes on my related posts.

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