NCIS Season 11 Finale

The NCIS season finale aired this week after what has been a bit of a roller-coaster season. Here are my views.


When I first heard Cote De Pablo was leaving, like everyone really, I was upset and shocked and really worried about how that would affect the show.  I think everyone agrees that her exit wasn’t great either. But over time, I’ve come to the conclusion that it wasn’t all the show’s fault for that. From what I’ve read, Cote didn’t exactly give them much notice about her leaving – didn’t she announce it two weeks before production was due to start? That gave the writers and the crew two weeks to re-write the first half of season 11. Not exactly an easy task.

Also, since her departure there have been a lot of rumours and arguments erupted surrounding how she was treated. One that really sticks out is the one with Pauley and fans on Twitter. I’m not going to pretend to know what happened there because I didn’t really follow it. If I remember correctly, didn’t Cote get in touch with Pauley and tell her not to mention her online?


Furthermore David McCallum has said in an interview that he does not understand why she left. The one thing that sticks out for me is that Cote hasn’t responded to fans or the cast when these questions have been raised. She’s stayed silent. Arguably she’s done this to avoid adding logs to a flame, but it leads to more and more speculation.

I just want to know why she left. I don’t personally feel it was an issue with the cast or the crew and I doubt it had anything to do with CBS themselves, so what happened? It also annoys me when people are blaming the network. Cote CHOSE to leave, nobody forced her and, from the sounds of it, nobody knows why. Maybe we should ask her instead of blaming the network. I’m pretty certain that if they’d had their way, Cote wouldn’t have left.

Now I do wish more had happened with Tony and Ziva. That had been building up for years and we all know where it was headed. But sometimes that’s how real life is and you don’t end up with the person everyone thinks you should.

Now in regards to Emily Wickersham. I do genuinely like her. I didn’t want to. I wanted Cote to come back, but since Christmas I’ve been getting more and more annoyed at Cote for leaving and, then warming to the new character. The fact that they did not replace Cote straight away shows that it wasn’t planned. But she fits in well. I’m sure a lot of people felt the same way about Cote when Sasha left, but everyone warmed to her eventually. Do the same for Emily. Give her a chance. How do you think she feels knowing that people don’t want her there? It’s not fair.


The season finale was beautiful. I loved Ralph Waite as Jackson Gibbs. That character was amazing and it makes me sad to think that we won’t see him again. When Jackson was first introduced, you could tell it was going to be big and that was not the last we’d see of him. It was nice to add something more personal to Gibbs.

The boat. Now we know why Gibbs built boats and named them after Shannon and Kelly. That was a beautiful touch. It really was.

Now here’s to waiting four months for season 12!


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