Game of Thrones Season Four Episode Seven

After Tyrion’s speech last week, it was only fitting that this episode would open with Jaime shouting at his younger brother. Understandably, as well. After all Jaime had made a bargain with their father to spare Tyrion’s life. But like Tyrion said, Tywin only agreed because he would get his golden son back. Very true.


And as for Bronn? I am a bit upset that he isn’t going to be Tyrion’s champion but at the same time, I’m not surprised. Bronn is a sellsword and he does go to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for Tyrion, Cersei is the highest payer right now.

Instead though Bronn now has Prince Oberyn on his side. Now I’ve read the books so I’ve known about this for a while. Still pretty awesome though. What a better way for the Prince of Dorne to get his revenge and ruffle some feathers at the same time.

Arya is turning into a little mass murderer, isn’t she? First Polliver, now Rorge. And have you noticed that her list is getting smaller? Joffrey is dead, so is Polliver.  And who knows what else might happen in the next three episodes!

Dany is becoming a bit friendlier with her soldiers, much to Jorah’s chagrin. Did you see his face when he saw Daario walk out the Khaleesi’s quarters? Poor poor Jorah.  I don’t think being in the friend zone ever gets easier.

images (2)

Brienne and Podrick might be getting closer to finding Sansa. I have missed Hot Pie. He never fails to make me laugh. And now they know Arya is alive. Good news all round, really.

Lysa has been proving, yet again, how crazy she is – or should I say was? Don’t get me wrong, Peytr creeps me out with his behaviour towards Sansa but still. Lysa’s fall from the moon door will open up a lot of plots for the next season. I just want to know, how will Robin take the news?


3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season Four Episode Seven

  1. I think I may have caught the tail end of the episode? He was saying he didn’t do it, but wish he had? I have only watched some of this show. I do like history, but the show didn’t do much for me.

    I do however have a good recommendation of a awesome book written by an author who lived and seen history under Hitler’s German Rule! It’s titled: “The Chocolate Bar” by; Agathe von Kampen
    But warning, it is hard to put down when started.
    Catherine 🙂

  2. Nice review of the epic show we were given before being informed by HBO that we had to wait two weeks for the next! And thanks for dropping by my blog, I’ll certainly begin following yours!

    I couldn’t help but notice it took a rather long time for the entirety of this post to fill my screen. WP did say the free blogs can’t help but be slower than owning one’s own domain. Oh, and I apologize for talking blog at you.

    I’ve considered reviewing the television series episode by episode, too. It’s always interesting to see what other viewers get out of the scenes, score and in the case of GoT, their opening changes weekly, too.

    I felt just awful for Sansa. Guess a lot of the fandom simply doesn’t care for the girl, but her strengths are simply more traditional in comparison to Dany’s and Arya’s.

    The Hound is depicted so tragically on the show, an improvement on the books as far as I’m concerned. Although his character plucked at my heartstrings as I read him, too. This week’s Hound was nothing less than heartbreaking. Despair is born of circumstances like those in which he’s found himself. And Arya’s also very close to the point of breaking.

    I think we’re definitely in need of a tad more comedic relief. In fact, I may head over to YouTube and watch talking cat vids.

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