Fact of the day: 29th May

On this day in 1727 Peter II became Czar of Russia.

Peter II was quick-witted, but an apparently stubborn and a wayward boy, much like his grandfather.

Despite these similarities, the emperor had no desire to learn to rule, unlike Peter the Great.

His young age meant that he could not adequately manage public affairs, and he almost never appeared at the Supreme Privy Council.

This led to frustration among his subjects and the royal administration – officials did not dare to assume responsibility for important decisions.

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The Russian fleet was abandoned, but Peter II showed no interest in the matter.

“Peter II has not reached the age when a person’s personality has already shaped,” Russian historian Nikolay Kostomarov wrote. “While contemporaries praised his natural intelligence and good heart, they only hoped for that good to happen in the future.

However, his behavior did not give chances to hope that he would be a good ruler. He hated learning and thinking about national affairs. He was totally engrossed in amusements, and was kept under someone else’s influence.”


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