Fact of the day: 9th June

On this day in 1624 signing of the Treaty of Compiègne between France and the Netherlands took place.

The Treaty of Compiègne of 10 June 1624 was a peace treaty between France and the Netherlands. It allowed France to subsidize the Dutch war effort against Spain in the Dutch War of Independence (1568–1648) after the end of the Twelve Years’ Truce.

France offered an immediate loan of 480,000 thalers, to be followed by more instalments over a period of three years in which the Dutch would continue the fight against Spain.

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This move was part of the general effort of France to undermine the Habsburg Empire. It led to the revival of a Franco-Dutch alliance which had been enfeebled since the execution of Oldenbarnevelt in 1619.

This treaty permitted to France to pursue this opposition through indirect means, much as the Treaty of Bärwalde in 1631 between France and Sweden would finance Sweden’s war effort in Germany.

The treaty was masterminded by Richelieu in order to prevent a Habsburg revival.


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