Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9

Well we are on to the penultimate episode of season four. And what an episode it was! I have to say, I loved it! I actually think it might be my favourite episode of this season.

I think the reason I liked it so much is just because the entire episode was dedicated to Jon and the Night’s Watch. There was no flipping between plots or other events going on at the same time. It was good. I’ve also heard that this episode was the most expensive Game of Thrones episode so far.


Here we go then: The Night’s Watch is preparing for Mance and his army of wildings to attack the Wall. What stands out for me, is the way Ser Alliser Thorne admitted he was wrong. I loved that! I loved him finally admitting to Jon that he was right. It reminds me of the saying ‘a captain always goes down with his ship.’ In a way it is the same because, Thorne didn’t think they could defeat the wildings and he admitted fault. This actually made me really sad when Thorne was then actually injured as well. He finally redeems himself and, then he (potentially) dies – I can’t remember if we actually saw him die.

Gilly and Sam. Oh bless them. When she asks him not to die – that made me want to cry. It was so reminiscent of actual men going off to war. It was really well done. And I wish they could be together, even though I know they can’t be.


Jon and Ygritte. Now I never did really like her, but when she died in Jon’s arms after saying her famous catchphrase, ‘You know nothing…Jon Snow…’ That was beautifully done. You could see Jon’s anguish. I’ll happily make you feel better Jon 😉

This episode really was all about Jon and his leadership. He took over manning the Wall, he sent men to man the gates, he helped hold off the wildings that got through. He was everywhere, just like a leader should be.

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The next episode worries me though. I’m worried just how much they’re going to fit into that episode and what will be carried onto season 5. We have Jon going to meet Mance, Tyrion’s execution, Dany and her unsullied and, so on. I’m wondering just what the next episode will cover and what will be carried forward.

The thought of having to wait another nine months though, that just makes me sad. Very sad.


4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9

  1. I bet they broke their record (which was previously ‘Blackwater’ ep) for both length & cost on this episode they did it really nicely. From the books they perfectly imagined & captured the Ice Chain thing too…

  2. As soon as Sam said “I promise” I thought “there’s dead man” WW II Pilot style! I was pleasantly surprised he didn’t die.
    Mind you, this is Game of a Thrones, there’s time yet…

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