Game of Thrones Season Four Episode Ten

So the finale has aired. How are we all doing? It’s going to be a long ten months until season five, right?


Let’s discuss the finale then. First of all, the Night’s Watch and the Wildings. How many people thought that would be the end of Jon Snow? I was so happy when Stannis turned up with his army and started slaughtering the Wildings, though part of me was expecting him to think that Jon was also a Wilding and would be killed as well. Thank God for the Onion Knight, right? My favourite moment of that scene though was when Jon told Stannis he was Ned’s son and how his father died for Stannis. Did make me miss Ned again though, which was annoying!


Dany and her Dragons. Oh poor poor Dany. What would you do if your dragons were killing people? This is only going to escalate as well, because the dragons are still growing and, Drogan is still free. Her face though when she was closing the door to the catacombs was enough to bring anyone to tears; it was the face of a mother having to do what’s best for everyone. It reminded me of when I left for University and my Mum cried when her and my Dad left me in Chester.

Arya and the Hound. Her list really is getting shorter! That fight with Brienne was incredible. admittedly not in the book, but still, it was amazing. Arya has really changed over the seasons and is becoming more and more emotionally detached. This was especially evident when she left the Hound to die. Admittedly, after all the things he’s done, he probably did deserve this. But after everything him and Arya went through together, I thought maybe she might have done something. Apparently not. And now Arya is off to Bravos. That’ll be interesting.


Bran. Now I really am struggling with this story line. I don’t know what it is but I just don’t enjoy this. I don’t like Jojen, though that is no longer an issue I guess. And his sister is annoying, a little bit too obsessed with her brother for my liking. Bran has met one of the Children of the Forest and the Three Eyed Raven, finally! Who knows what will happen next.

Oh the Lannisters. We have Cersei refusing to marry Loras and telling Tywin the truth about her and Jaime. How could he be so oblivious to it all those years?! Admittedly, Tywin is not a great Dad, but still.

Also, Cersei and the Mountain. He is still alive…Just! I was expecting them to not put this part of the book in so I was pleasantly surprised. But, how is Qyburn going to help him? Poison is hard to treat and, whatever he was doing with…well I want to say it was his blood, but it didn’t look good! Maybe he would be better off dead.

And Jaime letting Tyrion go! Talk about unruly children! Though Jaime would never have left his little brother be executed and with the help of Varys (who seems to be going with Tyrion?) has been set free.


Tyrion and Tywin. What a pair. There’s a great line in one of the books. It was said by Jaime’s Aunt and it was something about how you could tell Tyrion was Tywin’s son due to his intelligence and charisma. It was great really. Tywin begging for hiss life is what I call just desserts. Tywin, given the chance,  would have killed Tyrion years ago. Like he would give up the chance now! And after the way he has treated Tyrion all these years, I think a crossbow whilst taking a dump, was quite kind really.

Shae. What can we say? You should never fall in love with a whore. Tyrion’s face though when he killed her, was so heartbreaking. He really loved her and wanted to help her, protect her. But did she really love him? It doesn’t appear so.

And with that we conclude Season Four of Game of Thrones.

Here’s to the next one!


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