Fact of the day: 2nd July

On this day in 1492 Elizabeth Tudor, English daughter of Henry VII of England (d. 1495) was born.

Princess Elizabeth was born on Saturday 2 July 1492 at Sheen Palace in Surrey (later rebuilt by her father as Richmond Palace, the remains of which are now part of Richmond-Upon-Thames, London).

Elizabeth spent much of her short life at the royal nursery of Eltham Palace, Kent, with her brother Prince Henry (the future King Henry VIII) and her sister Princess Margaret (later Queen of Scotland) under the guidance of a Lady Mistress, presided over by her mother.


Elizabeth’s oldest brother, Prince Arthur, as heir to the throne, was brought up separately in his own household.

Just before her death, Henry VII proposed a marriage alliance between Elizabeth and the French Prince, Francis, who later became King Francis I of France.

Princess Elizabeth died on Monday 14 September 1495 after suffering from Atrophy at the age of three years and two months. Elizabeth was brought from Eltham in state and buried on the north side of St. Edward the Confessor’s Shrine in Westminster Abbey on Friday the 27th.

Princess Elizabeth was the first of four of King Henry and Queen Elizabeth’s children to die prematurely and they were greatly affected.

The large sum of £318 was spent on her funeral and Henry erected a small tomb to his daughter in the abbey made from Purbeck and black marble.


On top of the monument is a finely polished slab of black Lydian, upon which were placed inscriptions to Elizabeth and her effigy of copper gilt, both of which are now lost.

Later, Princess Elizabeth’s younger brother Prince Edmund (who died in 1500 at the age of 15 months) and her younger sister Princess Katherine (who died in 1503 shortly after birth) were also laid by her side.


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