Fact of the day: 12th July

On this day in 1596 Michael I of Russia, Tsar of All Russia (d. 1645) was born.

Michael was unanimously elected Tsar of Russia by a national assembly on 21 February 1613, but the delegates of the council did not discover the young Tsar and his mother at the Ipatiev Monastery near Kostroma until 24 March.

He had been chosen after several other options had been removed, including royalty of Poland and Sweden.

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Michael was partly chosen for his connection by distant relation to the earlier Tsarina Anastasia, the wife of Ivan IV.

Initially, Martha protested, believing and stating that her son was too young and tender for so difficult an office, and in such a troublesome time.

The weeping boyars solemnly declared that if he persisted in his refusal, they would hold him responsible to God for the destruction of Russia.

Michael eventually consented to accept the throne.


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