Fact of the day: 9th August

On this day in 1902 Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark are crowned King and Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

The eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Edward was related to royalty throughout Europe. Before his accession to the throne, he served as heir apparent and held the title of Prince of Wales for longer than any of his predecessors.

During the long reign of his mother, he was largely excluded from political power and came to personify the fashionable, leisured elite. He travelled throughout Britain performing ceremonial public duties and represented Britain on visits abroad.

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His tours of North America in 1860 and the Indian subcontinent in 1875 were popular successes, but his reputation as a playboy prince soured his relationship with his mother.

As king, Edward played a role in the modernisation of the British Home Fleet and the reorganisation of the British Army after the Second Boer War.

He re-instituted traditional ceremonies as public displays and broadened the range of people with whom royalty socialised. He fostered good relations between Britain and other European countries, especially France, for which he was popularly called “Peacemaker”, but his relationship with his nephew, Kaiser Wilhelm II, was poor.

The Edwardian era, which covered Edward’s reign and was named after him, coincided with the start of a new century and heralded significant changes in technology and society, including steam turbine propulsion and the rise of socialism.

He died in 1910 in the midst of a constitutional crisis that was resolved the following year by the Parliament Act 1911, which restricted the power of the unelected House of Lords.


2 thoughts on “Fact of the day: 9th August

  1. mzuritam says:

    Thanks for these “tidbits” of history. They don’t take long to read, yet you give enough details for me to go away feeling like I learned something. 🙂

  2. Neil says:

    Sword against sword will not bring us peace. Hate against hate will not turn into love. Discrimination like this: “These people …”, “These groups …”, “These rich …”, “These poor …”, “These Africans…”, “These Latins..”, “These Jews…” and a lot of other similar thoughts will never bring for us the union.
    Envy against envy will not bring the compassion. Arrogance against arrogance will not bring the admiration. Greed against greed will not bring satisfaction. Betray against treason will not bring peace, manipulation against manipulation will not bring redemption. And you know why? Because this game has always been the specialty of a small elite that controls the world. These same that kill thousands of people. For the most sordid and futile reasons.
    Honestly, I every day I pray (i’m not catholic, etc) that these people find the love in your lives.
    If we will play the game on their sports court, in which they are masters, then we already lost this game.
    The best way to face this bad things and live through life is with love. Protests are very important.
    Protests non violent can be a good start for all people who want transform the world. The first step start in the temple of your conscience. And then, let’s spray the love for the whole people in the world.
    Nice blog and thank you for visit my personal blog.
    All the best. With love, Neil.

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