When we were at school, it was all about how many friends we had. The more friends we had, the better. Even if you had nothing in common with them, all that mattered is that you could count them as a friend.

Now we’re older and not as childish as we once were. We now know that it is not about the number of friends we have, but rather the quality of the friendship.


Going through a break up, you soon realise who your real friends are. These are the ones that answer your calls at one in the morning, when you’re hysterical and, they don’t hang up until they have you laughing.

They are the ones that hardly see you, but still call you to see if you’re okay and, to talk about anything.

They are the ones that let you go round to their house and drink wine and talk.

But with the advance of technology, we now have online friends too. And sometimes, these friends actually help me more than my actual friends do.

It has got to be said that sometimes talking to a stranger is easier than talking to a friend.

Sometimes when we’re in a relationship and we’re working and so on, you lose track of friends and you struggle to keep in touch.


That’s why right now, all I want to do is see my friends again. I have friends who I didn’t see for years, just because my ex didn’t like them. And that was stupid. Don’t ever do that.

Your friends help make you who you are. Without them, there isn’t much left.


5 thoughts on “Friendship.

  1. Very good point about the online friends and how sometimes it’s easier talking to a stranger. I’ve many online friends that I’ve never met that I’ve shared more about myself and vice-versa with than with people I actually know and see everyday. It’s weird how that works out.

  2. Greg Stucky says:

    Friends are beautiful beings who infiltrate portions of your soul you never knew existed, but their value transcends their physical existence. As long as they were a positive impact in your life, they’ll live on, and the season of that friendship shouldn’t be clouded by forgetfulness or altered by nostalgia. Also, sometimes they were good the way they were and that’s all that should persist of them now.

  3. True friends — better than all the money in the world. I have best friends going back to Junior High School. Some have left NYC, but we always keep in touch. Yeah, it can be a struggle to keep in touch with friends; but it’s worth the effort.

  4. I’ve recently had to move away from the city I went to university at, and it’s really interesting to see who you keep in contact with, who were the real friends and who were just friendly acquaintances. I’m starting to feel like I have more online friends than ones in the physical realm these days, too.

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