Rainy Days.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but Derbyshire has been very wet today. I woke up this morning to a huge downpour of rain. It did stop for a little while and the sun did come out, but as my mother would say, the sky is full of it. In fact, whilst I write this, it is starting to rain again.

Personally, I love it when it rains like this. You know the really heavy rain that just soaks you through straight away? I love it. Maybe I’ve watched The Notebook too much, but all romantic things seem to happen when it rains like this.

Not only that. When it rains like this, you have an excuse to not do anything. I’m not going to lie to you – I didn’t even get dressed today. What’s the point? I can’t go out. I most definitely cannot take the dog for a walk. So I may as well stay in my Pajamas all day.

preview-for-a-lifetime-of-love-and-beautiful-memoriesThe other reason I love this weather is because it reminds me of when I was younger. It would be raining and as a family, we couldn’t do anything. I’d walk downstairs and my Dad would be sat in the armchair reading, my Mum would probably be ironing and, my brother would be playing with his toys or asking me to play board games with him.

I love those memories. The memories of me snuggling up on the sofa and reading and, then every so often looking up and seeing my Dad do the same thing.

I don’t know about your families, but our weekends were like a ritual to us. We all had our places and we all knew what to do.

Nowadays, it is just me by myself, snuggling up on the sofa and reading. My Mum still does the ironing. My brother will be in his room playing Xbox games. And my Dad, will be in his house probably reading. images (7)

Well whatever you’re doing today. Enjoy it! And be safe. This type can cause all sorts of problems.

But remember, you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.



3 thoughts on “Rainy Days.

  1. soilluminateme says:

    Such a beautiful piece, it really made me think about quality time and how perhaps I do not spend enough of it with my loved ones (or with myself for that matter!) Thank you for the smile!

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