Fact of the day: 14th August

On this day in 1479 Catherine of York was born.

She was born in Eltham Palace. Edward IV hastened to seek a marriage contract for his youngest daughter. On 28 August 1479, a marriage contract was concluded.

The contract promised Catherine to John, Prince of Asturias, eldest son of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile. The alliance was still being negotiated when her father died on 9 April 1483. This marriage was never concluded.Katherine_of_York

Her brother-in-law Henry VII, husband of her sister Elizabeth, later negotiated with James III of Scotland to obtain a possible husband for her.

According to an agreement drawn up in November 1487, Catherine would marry James Stewart, Duke of Ross, second son of James III.

The same agreement promised the hand of her mother Elizabeth Woodville to James III and the hand of one of her sisters to the future James IV of Scotland.

James III was killed in the Battle of Sauchieburn (11 June 1488). His son and successor, James IV, never pursued this agreement.


4 thoughts on “Fact of the day: 14th August

  1. Hard to leave a like on this one–though I did. Truth is good and thus ‘likable.’ I agree with agadudes. Very unfortunate if not utterly depressing. Royal women as royal commodities whose futures are sold in the market place to the highest political bidder for future investment purposes–whether or not the parties involved on both sides want this merger or not? Yuck.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Wow, Elouise said the perfect words.

    This was a very interesting history lesson. It gives me a different perspective on many things.
    Thanks for posting this.

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