My Week…

The last seven or so days have been quite quiet for me.

I got my belly button pierced last week and, I love it! Though now it has encouraged me to work out a bit more so that I can show it off and not be worried about my stomach. It really doesn’t hurt having it pierced either. I was a bit nervous beforehand, but it was more of an excited nervous, you know? I went to a place called Blue Banana in Sheffield and they belly buttonwere great. The woman who did it was lovely. She told me exactly what she was doing and gave me a little bag with all my aftercare stuff in for free. No where I’ve been for piercings has done that before!

Now with any piercing there is a healing process. I can’t change my belly bar for at least three months, but I’ve already been looking online to see what styles there is! I’m also considering getting my belly button pierced again…You can get the bottom or the sides of it pierced. I’m thinking of getting the bottom done.

I’ve bought a lot of new books recently as well. I read Cecelia Ahern’s How to Fall in Love. I enjoyed it but I did see the ending coming. If you’re looking for something light hearted though, I would suggest it. What I liked about it, is that it reminded me that even when things are bad, they are never as bad as you think they are.

My Mum also bought me a set of history books as an early birthday present. A set of six SAM_0249books covering England from the very early Middle Ages to England under the Stuarts, all in hardback and in a case for £20! What a bargain! And that is why I love charity shops 🙂 I cannot wait to start reading these!

I’ve just finished a history book called Letters from the Trenches. I did think this was going to be about numerous soldiers writing home, but it wasn’t. The grandson of Harry Lamin had published his grandfather’s letters from the last two years of the war on a blog and it had been turned into a blog. Imagine my surprise though when I found out that Bill Lamin, the soldier from World War One, was born in Derbyshire and his family still live in the area! It’s a great read and I would recommend it. It was interesting to see how an ordinary soldier dealt with his day to day life as a soldier fighting in World War One.

I was rummaging through my wardrobe the other day and discovered so many pairs of DSC_0340shoes that I had forgotten I had. Including these beauties. I think I bought them from New Look a few years ago, but I can’t say for definite. Considering I haven’t worn them in forever, they are so comfortable and, are slowly becoming my go to shoes again.

Speaking of shoes, I am having a bit of a clear out right now. I am slowly putting shoes, clothes, some Me To You bears, among other things, on eBay. If you could spread the word to friends and family, that would be great! You never know, my rubbish could be your hidden treasure. Honestly though, the only reason I’m selling is because all of these things are stuck in cupboards and draws, nobody can see them and, it’s not really my style anymore. I’m trying to de-clutter my life – easier said then done!

This is the link to my eBay page. Like I said, you never know what you might find.

I was nominated for another blog award a few weeks ago. I’ve not forgotten that I need to do a blog post for it! I’m going to do it this week – I promise.

At the moment my biggest complaint is that my best friend is in Italy, where it is nice and DSC_0341warm, and I miss her. Whilst I’m stuck in lovely Derbyshire with the rain and wind and, the occasional hint of sun. It’s August and I am sat in onesie and requesting hot water bottles. Something about this isn’t right!

Our house is being re-wired tomorrow so I’m being banished to coffee shops and the library. I’m not complaining though. I’m going to use this time to write. A lot. I’ve fallen behind a bit but I’m coming back now.

Hope you all have a good week!




One thought on “My Week…

  1. I love the boots! I may check out that book Letters from the Trenches I need a good documentary read. I’ve been reading The Confidence Code for Women, and Thanks for the feedback so it would be nice to read something different.

    Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

    I also am decluttering I spend too much time washing clothes for my family. It is definitely time to downsize I keep stuffing my garage full to have a pretty decent garage sale. I am thinking about doing a pay what you can garage sale.

    I’m hoping to pay off some medical bills with the funds.. but we’ll see 🙂

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