Fact of the day: 27th August

On this day in 1172 Henry the Young King and Margaret of France were crowned as junior king and queen of England.

They were formally married on 27 August 1172 at Winchester Cathedral, when Henry was crowned king of England a second time, this time together with Margaret, by Rotrou, the archbishop of Rouen.

Young Henry fell out with his father in 1173. Contemporary chroniclers allege that it was due to the young man’s frustration that his father had given him no realm to rule, and feeling starved of funds.download (2)

The rebellion seems, however, to have drawn strength from much deeper discontent with his father’s rule, and a formidable party of Anglo-Norman, Norman, Angevin, Poitevin and Breton magnates joined him.

The civil war (1173–74) came close to toppling the king and he was narrowly saved by the loyalty of a party of nobles with holdings on the English side of the Channel, and the defeat and capture of the king of Scotland.

Young Henry sought a reconciliation after the capture of his mother and the failure of the revolt. By the terms of the settlement, his funds were much increased and he apparently devoted most of the next seven years to the amusement of the tournament.


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