Game of Thrones Season Four Episode Ten

So the finale has aired. How are we all doing? It’s going to be a long ten months until season five, right?


Let’s discuss the finale then. First of all, the Night’s Watch and the Wildings. How many people thought that would be the end of Jon Snow? I was so happy when Stannis turned up with his army and started slaughtering the Wildings, though part of me was expecting him to think that Jon was also a Wilding and would be killed as well. Thank God for the Onion Knight, right? My favourite moment of that scene though was when Jon told Stannis he was Ned’s son and how his father died for Stannis. Did make me miss Ned again though, which was annoying!


Dany and her Dragons. Oh poor poor Dany. What would you do if your dragons were killing people? This is only going to escalate as well, because the dragons are still growing and, Drogan is still free. Her face though when she was closing the door to the catacombs was enough to bring anyone to tears; it was the face of a mother having to do what’s best for everyone. It reminded me of when I left for University and my Mum cried when her and my Dad left me in Chester.

Arya and the Hound. Her list really is getting shorter! That fight with Brienne was incredible. admittedly not in the book, but still, it was amazing. Arya has really changed over the seasons and is becoming more and more emotionally detached. This was especially evident when she left the Hound to die. Admittedly, after all the things he’s done, he probably did deserve this. But after everything him and Arya went through together, I thought maybe she might have done something. Apparently not. And now Arya is off to Bravos. That’ll be interesting.


Bran. Now I really am struggling with this story line. I don’t know what it is but I just don’t enjoy this. I don’t like Jojen, though that is no longer an issue I guess. And his sister is annoying, a little bit too obsessed with her brother for my liking. Bran has met one of the Children of the Forest and the Three Eyed Raven, finally! Who knows what will happen next.

Oh the Lannisters. We have Cersei refusing to marry Loras and telling Tywin the truth about her and Jaime. How could he be so oblivious to it all those years?! Admittedly, Tywin is not a great Dad, but still.

Also, Cersei and the Mountain. He is still alive…Just! I was expecting them to not put this part of the book in so I was pleasantly surprised. But, how is Qyburn going to help him? Poison is hard to treat and, whatever he was doing with…well I want to say it was his blood, but it didn’t look good! Maybe he would be better off dead.

And Jaime letting Tyrion go! Talk about unruly children! Though Jaime would never have left his little brother be executed and with the help of Varys (who seems to be going with Tyrion?) has been set free.


Tyrion and Tywin. What a pair. There’s a great line in one of the books. It was said by Jaime’s Aunt and it was something about how you could tell Tyrion was Tywin’s son due to his intelligence and charisma. It was great really. Tywin begging for hiss life is what I call just desserts. Tywin, given the chance,  would have killed Tyrion years ago. Like he would give up the chance now! And after the way he has treated Tyrion all these years, I think a crossbow whilst taking a dump, was quite kind really.

Shae. What can we say? You should never fall in love with a whore. Tyrion’s face though when he killed her, was so heartbreaking. He really loved her and wanted to help her, protect her. But did she really love him? It doesn’t appear so.

And with that we conclude Season Four of Game of Thrones.

Here’s to the next one!


Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9

Well we are on to the penultimate episode of season four. And what an episode it was! I have to say, I loved it! I actually think it might be my favourite episode of this season.

I think the reason I liked it so much is just because the entire episode was dedicated to Jon and the Night’s Watch. There was no flipping between plots or other events going on at the same time. It was good. I’ve also heard that this episode was the most expensive Game of Thrones episode so far.


Here we go then: The Night’s Watch is preparing for Mance and his army of wildings to attack the Wall. What stands out for me, is the way Ser Alliser Thorne admitted he was wrong. I loved that! I loved him finally admitting to Jon that he was right. It reminds me of the saying ‘a captain always goes down with his ship.’ In a way it is the same because, Thorne didn’t think they could defeat the wildings and he admitted fault. This actually made me really sad when Thorne was then actually injured as well. He finally redeems himself and, then he (potentially) dies – I can’t remember if we actually saw him die.

Gilly and Sam. Oh bless them. When she asks him not to die – that made me want to cry. It was so reminiscent of actual men going off to war. It was really well done. And I wish they could be together, even though I know they can’t be.


Jon and Ygritte. Now I never did really like her, but when she died in Jon’s arms after saying her famous catchphrase, ‘You know nothing…Jon Snow…’ That was beautifully done. You could see Jon’s anguish. I’ll happily make you feel better Jon 😉

This episode really was all about Jon and his leadership. He took over manning the Wall, he sent men to man the gates, he helped hold off the wildings that got through. He was everywhere, just like a leader should be.

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The next episode worries me though. I’m worried just how much they’re going to fit into that episode and what will be carried onto season 5. We have Jon going to meet Mance, Tyrion’s execution, Dany and her unsullied and, so on. I’m wondering just what the next episode will cover and what will be carried forward.

The thought of having to wait another nine months though, that just makes me sad. Very sad.

Game of Thrones; Season Four Episode Eight

After a week off, Game of Thrones has returned to our screens. And what a comeback!

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Jorah Mormont’s secret has finally been revealed. I have to admit I do feel sorry for him a little bit. He has stopped spying on Dany and he was right in saying it was Tywin trying to cause trouble. Plus, he got seriously friend zoned, which was just awkward. I do feel Ser Barristan was being a bit of a dick by not giving Jorah a chance to explain himself.

Grey Worm and Melisandre are getting close, aren’t they? It’s sweet really.

Sansa. Oh Sansa. Now this arc has annoyed me, just because they have changed it so much in comparison to the book, which has now left me worried for the next season. In the book Sansa’s true identity is still kept a secret, even from the Lords of the Vale. And Petyr is really creeping me out. Is it just me that thinks it’s wrong he’s practically obsessed with the daughter of the woman he loved. Almost reminds me of Wuthering Heights and Heathcliff.

Arya finally arrives at the Eyrie to be told that Lysa has died. What gets me here is that she could have still gone into the Eyrie itself and then she would have been reunited with Sansa. Though I suppose that would just be too easy for the writers and George R.R Martin, eh?

Finally, The Viper and the Mountain. What a great way to end the show! I love the actor who played the Prince of Dorne, he had an energy or a charisma in his role that I don’t think any other actor could have given that role. Admittedly the Prince was a bit cocky, in regards to when he had thought he had killed the Mountain, which unfortunately led to his own untimely demise. But that is not the end, the Prince of Dorne does make sure the Mountain suffers…

On a side note, Arya’s list is going down, right? Joffrey, Polliver, Rorge, potentially the Mountain. We still have two episodes left, so who knows how many more names will disappear from her list!

Game of Thrones Season Four Episode Seven

After Tyrion’s speech last week, it was only fitting that this episode would open with Jaime shouting at his younger brother. Understandably, as well. After all Jaime had made a bargain with their father to spare Tyrion’s life. But like Tyrion said, Tywin only agreed because he would get his golden son back. Very true.


And as for Bronn? I am a bit upset that he isn’t going to be Tyrion’s champion but at the same time, I’m not surprised. Bronn is a sellsword and he does go to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for Tyrion, Cersei is the highest payer right now.

Instead though Bronn now has Prince Oberyn on his side. Now I’ve read the books so I’ve known about this for a while. Still pretty awesome though. What a better way for the Prince of Dorne to get his revenge and ruffle some feathers at the same time.

Arya is turning into a little mass murderer, isn’t she? First Polliver, now Rorge. And have you noticed that her list is getting smaller? Joffrey is dead, so is Polliver.  And who knows what else might happen in the next three episodes!

Dany is becoming a bit friendlier with her soldiers, much to Jorah’s chagrin. Did you see his face when he saw Daario walk out the Khaleesi’s quarters? Poor poor Jorah.  I don’t think being in the friend zone ever gets easier.

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Brienne and Podrick might be getting closer to finding Sansa. I have missed Hot Pie. He never fails to make me laugh. And now they know Arya is alive. Good news all round, really.

Lysa has been proving, yet again, how crazy she is – or should I say was? Don’t get me wrong, Peytr creeps me out with his behaviour towards Sansa but still. Lysa’s fall from the moon door will open up a lot of plots for the next season. I just want to know, how will Robin take the news?

NCIS Season 11 Finale

The NCIS season finale aired this week after what has been a bit of a roller-coaster season. Here are my views.


When I first heard Cote De Pablo was leaving, like everyone really, I was upset and shocked and really worried about how that would affect the show.  I think everyone agrees that her exit wasn’t great either. But over time, I’ve come to the conclusion that it wasn’t all the show’s fault for that. From what I’ve read, Cote didn’t exactly give them much notice about her leaving – didn’t she announce it two weeks before production was due to start? That gave the writers and the crew two weeks to re-write the first half of season 11. Not exactly an easy task.

Also, since her departure there have been a lot of rumours and arguments erupted surrounding how she was treated. One that really sticks out is the one with Pauley and fans on Twitter. I’m not going to pretend to know what happened there because I didn’t really follow it. If I remember correctly, didn’t Cote get in touch with Pauley and tell her not to mention her online?


Furthermore David McCallum has said in an interview that he does not understand why she left. The one thing that sticks out for me is that Cote hasn’t responded to fans or the cast when these questions have been raised. She’s stayed silent. Arguably she’s done this to avoid adding logs to a flame, but it leads to more and more speculation.

I just want to know why she left. I don’t personally feel it was an issue with the cast or the crew and I doubt it had anything to do with CBS themselves, so what happened? It also annoys me when people are blaming the network. Cote CHOSE to leave, nobody forced her and, from the sounds of it, nobody knows why. Maybe we should ask her instead of blaming the network. I’m pretty certain that if they’d had their way, Cote wouldn’t have left.

Now I do wish more had happened with Tony and Ziva. That had been building up for years and we all know where it was headed. But sometimes that’s how real life is and you don’t end up with the person everyone thinks you should.

Now in regards to Emily Wickersham. I do genuinely like her. I didn’t want to. I wanted Cote to come back, but since Christmas I’ve been getting more and more annoyed at Cote for leaving and, then warming to the new character. The fact that they did not replace Cote straight away shows that it wasn’t planned. But she fits in well. I’m sure a lot of people felt the same way about Cote when Sasha left, but everyone warmed to her eventually. Do the same for Emily. Give her a chance. How do you think she feels knowing that people don’t want her there? It’s not fair.


The season finale was beautiful. I loved Ralph Waite as Jackson Gibbs. That character was amazing and it makes me sad to think that we won’t see him again. When Jackson was first introduced, you could tell it was going to be big and that was not the last we’d see of him. It was nice to add something more personal to Gibbs.

The boat. Now we know why Gibbs built boats and named them after Shannon and Kelly. That was a beautiful touch. It really was.

Now here’s to waiting four months for season 12!

Game of Thrones: Season Four Episode Six

Every time I see Theon I want to feel sorry for him, but then I remember what he did and part of me feels that he deserves what he’s getting. Anyone else feel like this? It’s a tricky one really. Though if Ramsay carries on much more, I’d definitely say Theon has been punished enough!


Can you believe how big the dragons are getting?? The show is definitely trying to speed up that storyline. And the truth is almost out about Jorah. I like to think him and Varys were working together though and Varys is double crossing the Lannisters. Definitely feel that he favours Dany.

Stannis and Davos are playing an interesting game with the Iron Bank. Who says smugglers have no brains, eh? Definitely feel like there will be repercussions from that. But will that be Stannis or Cersei?

I suppose the biggest news really is Tyrion and his trial. The deal done between Jaime and Tywin definitely reminds me of Law and Order! And it just makes me like Jaime even more! I can’t believe how much his character is changing and he is becoming a better person.

It has always been clear though that Jaime is close to his brother and the only family member that does not hate him. So much so that he would give up the Kingsguard to save his life.


Shae comes back – what a surprise! And screws Tyrion over.  I do feel sorry for him now. He was only ever trying to help her and she lies and betrays him.

Now for the trial by combat.  Who do we think will fight for Tyrion?

Game of Thrones Season Four Episode Five

So Tommen is officially made King. I did find it touching to see Cersei and Margery admit that Tommen could be a good King. And he could, let’s face it. I mean if the people around don’t manipulate him so much and let him grow, he could stabilise Westeros. But we all know that won’t happen!

I’m impressed that Cersei admitted what a bastard Joffrey was as well. She knew better than most that he was a monster, yet she’s still pretty pissed he’s dead.

Having said that, She seems pretty happy for Margery to marry Tommen two weeks after Joffrey’s death. Don’t they have mourning periods in King’s Landing?! And, the fateful question, will Cersei marry Loras?

Tywin has come clean about the debt of the crown. Clearly nobody knows just how badly in debt the crown is. A worrying issue for the Lannisters because if they don’t pay then the Iron Bank will finance the opposition – the last thing Tywin needs.

images (11)

Unfortunately for Dany, she’s not having a great time. I do feel we’re not seeing much of her this season. Obviously an issue with timing and the fact that even in the books she’s not in Westeros yet. Dany has freed slave cities just for them to be retaken. It doesn’t look good now, does it? At least she’s got a few more ships, but she’s not ready to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Jorah seems to be in the good books at the moment, but how long will that last for?

Now, Lysa. I really really dislike her. I mean I just can’t stand to look at her or anything. The truth has finally come out about Jon Arryn’s death. Poor guy. She really is besotted with Littlefinger. The things she does for him are crazy! And she’s so easily made jealous. Her treatment of Sansa worries me – It’s clear it’s going to continue and potentially get worse.  This episode makes Littlefinger’s role much more clear I think. We’re starting to see that he is behind a lot of things.

The Night’s Watch have arrived at Craster’s Keep and put right the wrongs of the deserters. In other words, they killed them. I didn’t see the newest recruit trying to kidnap Bran coming though! And poor Hodor, he looked so frightened by what Bran had him do – is that even right? Well you know what I mean.

Even though I understand that it couldn’t happen, I do wish Bran and Jon could have been reunited. Could you imagine the excitement? At least Jon got Ghost back – that did put a smile on my face.

We don’t seem to have a war right now though, you know? Obviously Robb was defeated, same for Renly and, Stannis is laying low at the moment. Seems all a bit too quiet for my liking.